Soldotna Animal Hospital

Cow moose in our yard.

Soldotna Animal Hospital opened in 1999. Our hospital is owned and operated by Timothy Bowser  D.V.M. We are a full service small animal practice. Please feel free to look over the Hospital website.

About Us

Our Two Horses-Abe and Smokey

We are the Bowser family and we have enjoyed the company of Standard poodles for the last 20 years. Our first standard, Penny, helped to raise our four children and lived long enough to love on our  grandchildren. 

Penny started us on the road to breeding and showing standards. Penny and her daughter, Hope, both earned their CD's easily. Penny lived almost to her 16th birthday. 

Since 1998 we have resided in Soldotna, Alaska. We came to Alaska in 1996 on a family vacation and fell in love with the state and it's people. By 1998 my husband, Tim, sold his flourishing veterinary practice in Orlando, Florida and started building a dream practice in Soldotna. 

Living in Alaska is a dream fullfilled and a blessing. Our new home here is located on 24 acres with views of two mountain ranges and an active volcano. Moose and other wildlife are frequent visitors to our property.

Horses, Alpine goats, and a handful of chickens also reside on our farm. The horses are mainly big expensive pets that we occasionally ride. The Alpine goats provide us with wonderful fresh milk. The chickens lay a few eggs and are entertaining to watch.

The poodles that share our life are pets that we like to show as a family hobby. My husband, a veterinarian, does a great job of keeping the poodles healthy! 

We show our poodles in Alaska for the most part. Alaska has eight AKC conformation shows per year as well as numerous AKC obedience,rally, and agility trials. Showing in Alaska is more of a family affair with many a friend to be made and met at the shows. If you ever consider coming to Alaska to show; please feel free to contact us!

Winter Walk In The Neighborhood