Our Poodles' Health History


 Standard poodles, for the most part, are healthy athletic dogs. However, as a breed, there are some health issues that can occur. We aim to produce as healthy a poodle as possible. That being said, a long time breeder once told me that when breeding (any animal); it's not a matter of if you'll produce a health problem but when. Breeding is always a gamble both with health and conformation. The most any breeder can do is make informed decisions and strive for the best.

 I try to keep track of the health issues with my own dogs as well as those in the "family tree". I've listed the major situations with my own dogs and some of the dogs we've produced. I welcome any questions or concerns you as a potential owner may have.

My Dogs:

Maggie (CH Kallista's Kenai Princess CD CGC)- In 2006 Maggie had a mammary tumor removed. Maggie passed away suddenly December 24th, 2009 of cancer @ age 10. We miss our dear girl.

Produced by Maggie: (Out of Tanner-CH Kimber's Believe In Your Dream)
Sean- Died @ age 8 from complications of nasal cancer
Heather-Died @ age 6 from nasal cancer
Leo-Bloated and Torsioned (GDV) @ age 6. Survived and had a gastroplexy (stomach tacking).
Louis-CH PDoodles' Quit Monkeying Arnd- Louis was bred twice and produced one confirmed puppy with SA (Sebeaceous adenitis).

Produced by Rose: ( Out of  Eli-CH Mojave King of the Road)
Bert-Diagnosed @ age 3 with Addison's disease. Bert is still going strong at age 11 in 2019.

Produced by Princess: (Out of Willie- CH Vetset Ever Willing RN CGC) 
Sophie-Died @ age 7.5 of complications of bloat (GDV)

Charlie-died from complications of possible pneumonia in 2016 

Willie (CH Vetset Ever Willing RN CGC) Willie was diagnosed with SCC(Squamous Cell Carcinoma) in a toe at 11 yrs of age. Toe was amputated and Willie went on to live a good life and passed away at age 14.


Produced by Madeline (CH Whisper Ridge Call Me Madeline RA CGC) (Out of Coury CH Christopher Cornelius Marshall)

Wallace-Diagnosed with bone cancer and passed early 2020 at age 6. Wallace was a full brother to our Millie.